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Turn Your Words Into Videos

Aug X Labs

Company Overview

At Aug X Labs, we’re redefining video production by harnessing the power of generative AI and user-centric design. Our flagship product, Augie, is a Smart Video Editor that empowers everyone to become visual storytellers. Whether you run marketing for a Fortune 500 company or are an aspiring entrepreneur, Augie Smart Video levels the playing field for video creation, elevating your content from mere words to captivating visual narratives.
Since our inception in 2022, Aug X Labs has focused on using generative AI technology to simplify video creation and editing. Augie is a web-based SaaS product that’s not just powerful but also a joy to use. It offers a seamless blend of scriptwriting, professional voice-over grade narration, editing tools, and high-quality stock footage, transforming your vision into professional-quality videos with ease. With Augie, you can upgrade webcam recordings, bring narrations to life, or start with a simple prompt, like “a social video about Aug X Labs,” and within minutes, your video is ready to tweak and publish.

Adobe Integrations Overview

We aim to integrate Augie into Premiere and/or Express allowing content creators to get near-instant rough cuts of their ideas

Key Differentiators

Augie is the only automated storyboarding tool for video content creators. Start with a prompt, a script, or a narration, and in moments see a fully flushed out concept of your video!

Adobe Products we support:

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