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Sound for Video, Solved

Audio Design Desk, Inc

Company Overview

Audio Design Desk is a creative software suite combined with a massive sound and music library that uses AI to magically assist editors in creating soundscapes for their videos.

Used on Netflix, HBOMax, Amazon Prime, and others, ADD gives creatives the ability to perform sound design, sound effects, and music in real-time, turning hours of tedious work into minutes of inspired fun.

Adobe Integrations Overview

With the Audio Bridge, editors can now harness the power of Audio Design Desk to easily produce, refine and mix their audio, all without ever leaving Premiere Pro. It syncs the ADD and Premiere Pro timelines and allows for instant data exchange of audio, video, and session data.

Audio Desk Desk Knowledge Base

Key Differentiators

Our software is the only one on the market dedicated to unifying the process of creating sound and music for video. We speed up production for current professionals, but also unlock creativity in everyone, allowing first-time users to instantly create professional audio-visual content at an affordable price. As the only DAW to integrate inside of video editing applications, no other tools have consolidated these efforts into one, holistic solution.

Adobe Products we support:

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