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The power behind the storage

ATTO Technology, Inc

Company Overview

For 30 years, ATTO Technology, Inc., has been a global leader across IT and media & entertainment markets, specializing in storage and network connectivity and infrastructure solutions for the most data-intensive computing environments. ATTO works with its partners to deliver end-to-end solutions to better store, manage and deliver data. ATTO solutions provide a high level of connectivity to all storage interfaces, including Fibre Channel, SAS, SATA, iSCSI, 40/10GbE, NVMe and Thunderbolt.Adobe Creative Cloud (R) users can have confidence that ATTO products are tested for compatibility with Adobe CC (R) for seamless performance with their creative data assets whether used in a classroom setting, on set or in studio, ATTO like Adobe, allows users the freedom to create anywhere and anytime with more connectivity options. ATTO is the Power Behind the Storage.


Adobe Integrations Overview

ATTO Technology develops innovative storage and network connectivity solutions that work with Adobe Creative Cloud tools helping users create more productively. ATTO Fibre Channel and SAS HBAs, Thunderbolt Adapters, and NICs offer low-latency, high-bandwidth data transfers for Adobe media production applications: Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC.

Key Differentiators

Advanced Data Streaming Technology manages latency to provide controlled acceleration for smooth data streaming to maintain the highest consistent performance. ADS™ ensures best-in-industry data transfers for high-bandwidth applications, which means better performance for end-users. ADS™ technology is included with all ATTO host bus adapters (HBAs), Thunderbolt™ adapters and RAID hardware. When Adobe Creative Cloud® users choose ATTO for connectivity, ADS is the technology that helps them injest more footage, playback more clips and they can enjoy more productive edit sessions and team project collaboration, without interruptions due to dropped frames, or data bursts.

Adobe Products we support:

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