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Andrea Electronics

Company Overview

Andrea is an American-owned business since 1934. In the 60’s the company produced the astronaut audio system for the Project Mercury NASA space program, as well as avionic intercom systems used in F-16 fighter jets and military helicopters. Andrea’s microphone array and other advanced digital noise cancellation technologies have been embedded into hundreds of millions of personal computers and other devices. Most recently Andrea’s DA-250 digital array microphone was selected by Airbus for incorporation into CIMON, the first virtual assistant robot with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is now operating as part of the “Horizons” project on the International Space Station.

Adobe Integrations Overview

We provide a VST3 audio plug-in for adaptive noise reduction and center channel focus.

Key Differentiators

Andrea Electronics Corporation designs, develops and manufactures audio technologies and equipment for enhancing applications requiring high performance quality voice input. The company’s patented Digital Super Directional Array (DSDA™), PureAudio™ and EchoStop™. These far-field microphone technologies enhance a wide range of audio products to eliminate background noise and ensure the optimum performance of voice applications.

Adobe Products we support:

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