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Organize, Collaborate, Automate

CatDV (Square Box Systems)

Company Overview

CatDV is a suite of media asset management tools with production management capabilities. Easy to use, yet uniquely powerful, CatDV sits at the heart of production workflows. It’s used throughout the film and broadcast industry as a media database, logging, transcoding and communication tool. For companies creating or managing a large volume of digital media CatDV helps teams organize, communicate and collaborate. Its simple, yet powerful tools support some of the world’s most sophisticated media workflows and provide flexibility to work your way. CatDV brings value to single user installations through to large, dispersed teams in the world’s largest firms.


Adobe Integrations Overview

CatDV’s Adobe panel provides direct access to the media library from Creative Cloud. It can search, browse and audition video, stills & audio, display and update metadata plus share proxy and hi-res media with CC. It also includes support for rough cuts, sub-clips, markers and custom metadata.

Key Differentiators

Adobe Products we support:

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